Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Greek Director Kyriacos Tofarides impressed by Indian films Portraying Social Values

44th International Film Festival of India (IFFI)
The Director of Greek Film ‘Block 12’, Kyriacos Tofarides said that India has a great history in cinema and was impressed by the Hindi movie ‘Mother India’ and others which depict deep values of Indian society.

 He said this while interacting with media in 44th International Film Festival of India (IFFI) here today.

 Cyprus born Kyriacos Tofarides said that in comparison to Greek films, India produces many films on diversified issues. 

He expressed his happiness that his film, ‘Block 12’ which had been selected for an award by the European Film Academy could be presented to the Indian audience. 

Giving details about his film, he said that the film is based on the issue of how big powers manipulate the resources and people of the country. 

The film is a political, allegorical comedy with plenty of surrealism, social satire and magical realism. It is a film driven by the human need to dream, and also the need to see the dark side of power, of big interests, political games, of the high level contraband revealed in the light of comedy. 

‘Block 12’ has been included in the Cinema of the World section of IFFI-2013. Kyriacos Tofarides’s film company has produced three award winning short films, and in 2008 the company completed its first feature - ‘The Last Homecoming’. 

Noted Indian actress Neetu Chandra, who is playing the role of Goddess of Love in the film ‘Block 12’ said that it was a challenge for her to work in an international film after working in Bhojpuri, Hindi, Tamil and Telugu films. 

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