Saturday, 1 March 2014

International Seminar on Terrorists Weapon of Choice: Improvised Explosive Devices Held

Government of India
An international seminar on “Terrorists Weapon of Choice: Improvised Explosive Devices” organized by National Bomb Data Centre of National Security Guard on February 18-19, 2014 concluded here yesterday.

In his opening remarks, Shri Jayanto Narayan Choudhury, DG, NSG said that scourge of terrorism can only be defeated by a sustained and comprehensive approach, involving the active participation and collaboration of all states and relevant organization and civil society. 

He said, the danger of usages of IEDs is not disappearing, rather proliferating. Seamless flow of intelligence is a pre-requisite. Unless, intelligence is collected, collated and disseminated in an institutionalised manner, the success of operations against the terrorist network will always suffer. Once that happens, achieving coordination between various agencies operating in the field becomes the next aim. 

Shri Choudhary said “If we can work out these aspects, then attacking the terrorist network will become an achievable target, thus reducing the incidence of IEDs attacks. We also need to ensure our countermeasures also work in the most likely urban battle Zone of future and LWE affected areas”.

Delivering the key note address, Shri Nehchal Sandhu, Dy National Security Adviser spoke about a series of deadly incidents world over, which makes us sit back and review our security threat situation. He emphasized that left wing extremists are not just increasing the power of the devices but also showing a grim cleverness in delivery system, hinting at the surgically implanted explosive devices. 

Further he added the importance of the IED in the conflict zones and defeating this threat has become a herculean effort in itself, for the security forces world over. Shri Sandhu emphasized that security forces and civil society is not immune to the acts of terrorism and it’s imperative to integrate all stake holders fighting against terrorism/LWE.

Nearly 200 delegates representing Australia, Canada, France, Israel, UK, USA, Vietnam, Central Armed Police Forces, State Police Organizations, Research Institutions, Army, Air Force and others discussed improvised explosive devices related issues, including an examination of conditions conducive for usages of IEDs, promoting education to present the bombing incidents, sharing best practices for operating in LWE environment. 

Brig. John Shanahan from Australia presented the experience of Australian forces in Afghanistan. Col. Geoff Stevens, Director Asia Pacific Command presented a detailed IED analysis of the region, wherein he highlighted the few of unconventional usages of IED by the terror organisation, while the speaker from France, Israel and Canada presented their countries counter IED capabilities. 

The participants said that it was important for international community to counter the spread of IEDs and bombing incidents, which it noted, has been growing in the recent years around the globe. The two day seminar brought together national and international experts to share their experience in the field of IEDs and how to increase level of assistance with each other.

The Seminar also included demonstration on Improvised Explosive Devices, simulation of IED blast and futuristic IEDs to be tackled by the Security Forces. An equipment display was also organized, which essentially demonstrated the futuristic equipment and items, which could assist the Security forces against the act of terrorism or the anti-national elements. 

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